Sample Explanations.      


This 3d piece explores the sense of loneliness and isolation that prevails with despair. Is it just another inevitable human condition that bears down on most of us at some point in our lives? Familiarity - unfulfillment - too frightened to leave our comfort zone are all linked to despair. Despairers suffer in silence, not because they don't yearn to reach out - they do, but because they are too scared no one will understand. They just sit it out hoping that nothing stays the same forever. Not the physical pain - not the mental anguish - sit it out and it will pass. Learn to let go - just learn to let go - let go!


This 3d piece questions our growing dependency on technology in our day to day lives. The Apollo moon landings heralded a new dawn of advancement for the human race both physically and mentally, and paved the way for a new generation of satellite telecommunications that we now take for granted. Fast forward 50 years - have we now reached the point where the virtual world has now hardwired itself into our core existence to the point where differentiating between real and artificial have become blurred? Our central character represents the human race continuing it's evolutionary journey whilst trying to coexist with technology rather than being consumed by it.  

3...Crazy Water.

Jung developed the theory that each of the many different beings, creatures and stories of mythology represent specific types of human experience, and has argued that humans are genetically programmed to think in story form. The oak ships piano was sourced from a derelict boatyard in Cornwall. As this piano was designed for maritime voyages, this then became our starting reference for creating a 3d artwork based on the high seas. We made the bow and decking from marine ply to ensure the entegrity of the work. 

4...The Cage.

This 3d metaphorical piece explores the idea of the bars we place around ourselves that stop us realizing our true potential.The realization that any restraint is imagined causes us to instinctively kick out through frustration and despair.Dependency can then become the only comfort through alcohol and antidepressants.

5...Street Life "pas de trois".

This 2d piece captures the frenetic tempo of urban street life. Pas de trois is a dance between three people- in this instance- a traffic warden, a postman and street cleaner. We wanted to fuse the lithe sensuality of professional dance with the perceived awkwardness of municipal workers. In todays age of diverse cultures combining style, expression and "anything goes" the streets provide the perfect platform for impromptu performance.