Despair - reworked:
This is a digital reworking of existing two and three dimensional artworks we created at an earlier time. as countries imposed lockdowns to protect their citizens, the "stay home" way of life suddenly disconnected us from nature - for many, the loss of being able to immerse ourselves in outdoor activities, has had a huge effect on our mental well-being. psychologists are now suggesting powering down our devices to enjoy the simpler things in life, greatly benefits mental health. for many - nature provides a constant source of inspiration. the more we try to understand nature - the more in awe we become. we have now reached a crossroads. is the new normal going to be more environmentally friendly? 2020 might go down as the year the human race gave nature a breather. we can make a difference.

high C's adventurer 4

Crazy water:
jung developed the theory that each of the many different beings, creatures and stories of mythology represent specific types of human experience, and has argued that humans are genetically programmed to think in story form. the oak ships piano was sourced from a derelict boatyard in cornwall. as this piano was designed for maritime voyages,this then became our starting reference for creating a 3d artwork based on the high seas.

salvation 1

this 3d piece questions our growing dependency on technology in our day to day lives. has the virtual world now hardwired itself into our core existence, and are our individual identities becoming less defined? the function of thinking - analysing - and decision making, is being diminished to the point where american psychologists have recently discovered a deterioration in human long term episodic memory. our central character represents the human race co-existing, rather than being consumed by technology as our evolutionary journey continues,

Rust Belt Rialto

rustbelt rialto:
for decades the free market has produced a small elitist core of winners and an enormous army of losers - the disenfranchised voice of millions of citizens on both sides of the atlantic lurched to the right in 2016, and voted for britain to leave the e.u, and elected donald trump, and more recently, boris johnson as their counties leaders. this artwork reflects the likely consequences of closer economic ties with the u.s.